Software as a service, or SaaS, refers to a very broad range of businesses, including marketing automation tools, sales CRM, Best SEO tools, document signing, invoicing tools, Media Buying Tools and many more.

Across the board, the business model is fundamentally the same. Clients pay a recurring monthly or annual price for using the product.

It's a hot business right now, with hundreds of successful outcomes coming each month, and it's expected to grow by about 20% a year through 2023.

There are more than 11,000 SaaS firms, according to sources. This indicates that the competition is tough.

This article to help you enhance your backlink profile and increase your organic traffic. We are going to talk about ten proven link-building strategies.

What is SaaS Link Building?

The process of obtaining quality backlinks to your website from other websites is known as link building for SaaS.To get a backlink, you need to have an effective website that fits the partner's parameters. Therefore, you will have to invest a lot of money in the cost of developing a SaaS website.

Backlinks are one of the topmost factors driving a website's ranks on the Google search engine results page, according to repeated verification from Google and SEO professionals over the years (SERP).


And yet, 66.31 % of pages, according to Ahrefs, have no backlinks.

Importance of Link Building in SaaS

Backlinks give SaaS companies the SEO "juice" they need to rank higher than their big competitors.

By creating high-quality backlinks to specific pages, you're sending Google a strong indication of trust that your website or page deserves to rank higher than a competitor's.

Links aren't the only significant signal, but they are a major factor, and if a company is building links while you aren't, it's very simple for them to get an advantage over you.

SaaS Link Building Strategies

Create a Blog Target Audience

A blog helps in the formation of an audience base, of which a portion will eventually become paying customers and brand champions.

It is simpler to build links if you keep an active blog on your website because the majority of publishers prefer connecting to content pages over the product or home sites.

Therefore, the first thing you should do on your SaaS website adds a blog section.

Excellent examples of well-designed SaaS sales blogs that inspire you to explore more include those from Moz, HubSpot, and Ahrefs.

Create Linkable Mentions in Content

A linkable item is essentially a really useful piece of content that has been purposefully created to generate links from authority sites in your niche.

You can create various linkable assets on your SaaS blog.

  • Statistics
  • Guides
  • Glossary Pages
  • Pillar-Cluster Content
  • Product Comparison Pages
  • Customer Stories
  • Expert Roundups
  • Use Case Content
  • Opinion Posts by Founders
  • Create Free Tools

Use Product Reviews Technique

A simple technique to obtain connections back to your brand is to provide reviews. Even while many sites will just provide you with no follow links, it's still great having considered all of the recent products you've used.

Then get in touch with them and offer to provide a brief text review in return for a connection to the main page of your website.

Use the HARO Strategy

An online tool called Help A Reporter Out provides reporters with information sources for upcoming stories. They will probably link back to you in your contributor section on their articles in exchange for this information.

Because it's uncertain if you obtain no-follow or do-follow links, your website will be highlighted and connected to a helpful source, increasing organic traffic to your platform.

Image Credit Strategy

Finding out who has used an image from your website and asking them for photo credit as a link is an attractive SaaS link-building strategy.

Do you have valuable unique photos on your SaaS blog? For example, in this case, a published infographic is supported by original data from a consumer survey that you performed.

Specialized bloggers or business publications are likely making use of your infographic without giving it credit or a backlink.

Everyone would be willing to link back to you and generally wants to avoid DMCA complaints.

So, discover websites using your photographs without giving them credit using reverse image search, and gently ask them to provide a link to the actual source.

Write Guest Posts in High Authoritative Blogs

You create links with a high authority site in your field and ask them if they would be interested in hosting free, high-quality material on their blog.

This will enable you to produce outstanding content, include your keyword into the anchor text, and ultimately get a respectable quantity of useful backlinks.

Although it may seem like a lot of work, it pays back for itself in the form of domain authority and organic traffic to your website.

Claim Unlinked Brand Mentions

Finding unlinked brand mentions on the internet can be a great way to build links.

Reaching out to website owners who have mentioned your company but forgot to include a link is the main goal of unlinked brand mentions.

To frequently identify websites that are writing about you and determine whether they included a link or not, you may set up a Google News alert.

Broken Link Strategy

Finding a broken link on a website in your target niche is a strategy used to build broken links. A link is broken when a website removes a blog post that was linked there.

When link prospecting and you see this, you can get in touch with the site's owner and offer to have them a link to your material instead.

PR Strategy

Link building through digital PR is an excellent technique to get links from reputable blogs and media outlets.

Digital PR must involve mutually beneficial cooperation:

  • The value of new story ideas and content goes to the publisher.
  • High-authority publications provide visibility for your business and backlinks to your website.

Free Tools

Free SEO tools are an excellent method to get Customers to visit your SaaS website and use product-led growth to encourage product subscriptions.

You're guaranteed to see more links for those products if you create resource pages and highlight tools that truly benefit your users.


Always keep in mind that producing and sharing quality content produces the majority of link building.

Simply defined, you can't build links if you don't have a pitchable link.Remember that though link building is an essential pillar for your SaaS business promotion, it's not the only one. Follow the best SaaS podcasts for more ideas on how you can make your business successful.